The Honda Goldwing is a large powerful touring motorcycle with striking looks, quite different to any other motorcycles on the roads today. Such a machine naturally has a devoted fan base of enthusiastic riders, the Goldwing riders are known as “Goldwingers” and as they like to have a bit of fun and raise some funds for charity as well they have come up with the idea of the Goldwing Light Parade, these parades are held at various locations around the country throughout the year. The Goldwings North West enthusiasts club organise the longest established light parade in England which moved to Southport for the first time last year.

The Honda Goldwing, a head turner in its normal guise, is adorned with a variety of lights, strobes, flashing lights, lights of every colour to produce a stunning visual experience. The riders then ride a parade route around town to the delight of onlookers and finish with a static light show. Goldwingers will be arriving on their motorcycles and trikes from all around the UK to attend the parade following the success at Southport last year.

The Southport Goldwing Light Parade on Saturday 28th September is a real treat for visitors and locals alike and starts with a static display of Honda Goldwings, both motorcycles and trikes, on Southport’s Chapel Street Precinct between 10am and 4pm. Last year over 90 Goldwings took part raising £1,200 for the local hospice. These machines are a beautiful sight in their usual street guise and well worth having a look around and chat to the owners who are always keen to talk about their cherished machines.

The route for the Southport Goldwing Light Parade

The light parade itself forms up at The Royal Clifton Hotel ready to leave at 7.30pm. The parade will then make two laps of the town travelling north along the Promenade to Leicester Street where they turn right and ride down Leicester Street to Lord Street where they take another right turn to travel south along Lord Street to the roundabout at Duke Street, take the third exit on the roundabout travelling west along Duke Street to the roundabout at Victoria Way, second exit from the roundabout onto Victoria way travelling to the next roundabout at the junction with The Esplanade, take the third exit on this roundabout onto the Esplanade and then to the next roundabout where the Promenade is rejoined at the first exit, a few yards along the Promenade and past The Royal Victoria Hotel to start the second lap, the parade then follows the same route as before, Promenade, Leicester Street, Lord Street, Duke Street, Victoria Way, Esplanade and Promenade, finally reaching the Royal Victoria Hotel at about 8.15pm.

The Goldwings will then form up at The Royal Victoria Hotel car park for a static light display at 8.30pm where we once again have the opportunity to see these machines close up and chat to the owners. The light displays are judged and trophies will be awarded to the best lights on a motorcycle and trike in the hotels Windsor Suite at around 10.00pm this will then be followed by live music with the Group Strictly 4 Kicks, a four man band, playing Mowtown, Soul, Country and much more to round off a splendid day for Southport visitors.

The event is a fund raising event and the proceeds will be in aid of Southport’s Queenscourt Hospice, with around a hundred motorcycles and trikes and an appreciative crowd organisers are hoping to pass last years total of £1,2000 a very useful amount for the Hospice.

Interested in joining the North West local Goldwing club? Visit Goldwings North West website.

By: Ray Dexeter.

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