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Free Community Websites For Lancashire Villages

Community Groups

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Parish Council

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The smallest of villages and parishes can now have a fully supported community website, ideal for Parish Councils to put information on line in accordance with Government guidelines at no cost to Community Tax payers.

Playgroups, Village Hall, Local Schools and Churches any organisation no matter how big or small can have a page or section on the local community website, at no cost.

Your local community website with is managed by a local volunteer Web-master who will receive training and support to run the website. Designated members of local groups will publish information on their groups directly to the website again with full training and support. Now is the time to get that website you always wanted you can be up and running in a couple of days with no cost to your organisation.

Use this form to contact now to get your website under way or for more information.

No experience is necessary and there are no age restrictions as full training and support will be given to Web-masters and delegated volunteers. Now is the chance to learn how to operate a website.

Sixteen and under, no problem, we just need parental consent. Sixty and over (that’s me) we can teach an old dog new tricks and we don’t need parental consent. Anywhere in between no problem. Contact us now to find out more or get your community website under way.